Friday, February 5, 2010


Tonight i looked at the sky, feel that time goes by just like running water. I could not catch it, i cannot hold it and the only thing i can do is say goodbye. Time passes by, things changed, people changed. I wonder if there is anything that can last forever.

Sometimes i feel lonely because i have nothing, i own nothing, i have nobody and i am nobody. I am like the biggest loser in the world. I tried to make it right, make it better, wished that people could see it and know that i am changing, but i wondered if anyone did.

I spent over a year to walk away but whenever i feel like i walked thousands of miles away, all of the sudden i realize that i never moved an inch. The feeling of stucking in one place all the time makes me feel helpless, and i wondered if anyone could help me.

Time passes by like the air, nobody can freeze it. I wish i can move on from everything in the past but i can't help myself to keep falling for it. I wondered if anybody understand my feelings, i wondered if anyone could listen to me, and i wondered if anyone can help me out.

But anyway, i think i should never avoid the feeling which keeps haunting me. Maybe i will let it go someday when i feel tired of it..? Or i will be living in the past forever..? Can't we just re-live it..? Is it impossible for yesterday once more?

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